Three Types of Tile Roofing

Three Types of Tile Roofing

You’ve probably driven through beautiful neighborhoods and admired newly built homes. The most eye-catching parts of a house are usually the structure, design, and roofing. There are many different types of roofing and depending on your taste and the structural needs of your home, you would choose what best suits the house in the long run. A common type of roofing in residential houses is tile roofing. Tiles come in different styles and colors, giving your home the best appearance while maintaining safety.

If you are in the process of repairing or constructing a home and getting all your planning in order, keep reading to discover some more about tile roofing.

What are roof tiles?

Roof tiles are suitable to keep water out of a home. Tiles are preferred for roofing a house because they keep a good appearance and offer many structural benefits. They also last hundreds of years, are durable, high-wind resistant, and fireproof. All these benefits make a good roof for a home.

Tile roofing also increases the value of many homes because the reliable structure and durability increase the chances of selling these houses. Tile roofing differs from traditional asphalt shingle roofs by its look and the material used to make the tiles. Roof tiles come in different fashions and can be composed of clay, concrete, copper, ceramic, and even metal.

As a modern and contemporary method of roofing, tiles have become very popular. Choosing the right kind of roofing material will save you tons on repairs and future costs. Roofing is an investment that lasts, but there are many options and different fees for getting professional roofing. Budget roofing offers the best rates for these services, including tile roofing installation.

What are three types of tile roofing?

Once you’ve looked at your options for roofing material, you’ll need to decide what would be the best investment. Here are three types of tile roofing:

  1. Clay

The process of baking molded clay creates tiles. These tiles are very durable and famous for their fireproofing abilities. They come in many shapes and sizes, and the most common color is Terra-cotta. Although clay tiles are famous for Southwestern and Spanish-style homes, they are very suitable for any house. The only downside to clay roofing is that the costs of the tiles, maintenance, and installation are among the most expensive options for roofing.

  1. Concrete 

Concrete is a popular material for many kinds of construction. The mix of sand, cement, and water molds under high temperatures, creating durable concrete. These tiles are also popular because they can appear like other tiles made with clay and ceramic. This material also lasts many years, as a roof should. Compared to clay tiles, concrete is a more affordable material for roofing.

  1. Composite 

Acrylic, metal, and stone make up composite or synthetic tile. These tiles look like clay tiles but offer a more natural color and appearance than other forms of tile made from stone and concrete. Composite tiles are fire resistant and are a very versatile choice. Although these tiles don’t last like other material tiles, they are in the average range of costs for roofing tiles.

Tile is an excellent choice for roofing. Many sizes, shapes, and materials can help keep the look of a beautiful home while maintaining safety and durability. Many homeowners have tile roofing for its sustainability, and this proves to be a solid investment.

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