Roof Overlays Madison WI

With 35 years of experience we are extremely skilled at overlays. What is an overlay? To put it simply, it is installing roofing on top of the former roof. It takes skill and precision to do this type of install and in contrast to roof tear-offs, covered below, it cost approximately 25% less. Overlays depend on a few factors to be appropriately done.

Three issues to be aware of with this type of installation:

The Inspection:

The decking of your home should have a solid foundation to make sure the roof is secure. Budget Roofing will assess the decking and make absolutely sure that the installation can be performed. In Wisconsin, ice and snow can cause moisture damage that could prevent the job from happening. Making sure the shingles and other roofing materials are in good shape is imperative. However, adding a second layer might do the trick.


Of course adding a second layer can increase the weight of the roof causing possibly another issue with this type of install. Framing of homes are usually standard and can only hold a certain amount of weight. At Budget Roofing we want to make sure that your roof will not have the common problem known as “sagging” because of the weight of the roof.

Heat buildup:

Heat is a factor sometimes as well. The overlay has the potential to trap heat and that can decrease the longevity of your roof.

Roof Tear-Off

All the information above leads to one question. Is the tear-off installation better for my home? Well we can tell you that this is the installation we recommend as opposed to an overlay. Pulling off the old materials and exposing the decking is our preferred option. Then, we are thoroughly inspect the decking and make repairs to the decking to start a brand new install.

It is a little more costly but the tear-off procedure adds much more security to your home and less maintenance. There is no question whether your home will is built on a sound foundation. With our process we ensure that you roof is free from leaks and rot.

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