Cedar Shake Roofing and a Comparison to Shingles

The biggest difference between cedar shakes and shingles is that shingles are more precisely milled than their shingle cousins. The cedar shake roofing is a more irregular roof cover than that of a shingle. They also are not as flat when they lay down after installation. This lack a flat laying will allow for wind and rain more easily than a shingle would. Professional installation is absolutely necessary.

If you have a traditional home style, the cedar shake will definitely improve the aesthetics of your home. Cedar gives a natural more earthy look than shingles do. The fire risk is something to think about and because of fire risk they have become a little less popular. You don’t have to worry as much with cedar when we install them. All of our cedar shake roofing comes with a fire retardant, making them a whole lot safer.

With the cedar style roof how long your roof lasts, will depend on your climate and location. It will be highly variable and unpredictable. However, with our maintenance program, you can extend the life of your cedar shakes. The other factors in longevity are the thickness of the cut and type wood that is used. The thicker the better for sure. They come in a variety of grades as well. This depends on where the tree is cut. The middle of the tree truck being the strongest part.

With it’s obvious aesthetic value cedar is nice touch to any historical or traditional home.The primary benefit you get with have cedar shake roofs, is the very low weight compared to other roofing types. Roofs such as clay tiles, metal or slate roofing.

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